Every Day is New Years Day. .

Those are the words of a song I heard in college.  Turns out, today really is “New Years Day”. . . I heard Larry King mention it last night on CNN, and this morning my pod cast of choice (Speaking of Faith) was on the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah and the “Days of Awe”

I’ve done a bit of research, (and I do mean, just a bit!) but what an amazingly beautiful and symbolic celebration.  I hesitate to write anything, since I really know nothing, but the holiday and symbolism behind it are so compelling, I’ll mumble through and hopefully you’ll follow some of the links I’ve included and discover for yourself. . .

Rosh Hashanah mean “the head of the year”, but not only the new year, it’s a celebration of creation and .   The little that I’ve read and heard today talks about how this is a time of reflection about how we are in a constant state of transformation. (being created continually).  The days between now (Rosh Hashanah started yesterday and ends at nightfal tomorrow 10/1) and Yom Kippur (which is on October 8th this year) are to be days of “serious introspection, a time to consider the sins of the previous year and repent. . ”  special consideration is to be given to any relationships that have been fractured or strained.

The more I read the more I am struck by the beauty and wisdom which is revealed in these holidays. . .daily a horn is blown as a symbol to stop and journal about shortcomings and relational shortcomings, reflection about personal transformation, plans for growth and purpose in the upcoming year are encouraged and expected.  Can you imagine a whole people group/society/nation taking this seriously and daily stopping at the same time to humbly reflect on thier strenghs and weakness with the purpose of transformation and restoration?

I hope you’ll click on some of the links in this post (they are underlined words) and explore for yourself the richness of this Jewish holiday we are in the middle of. . .



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