More Treasures. .

When I think about the “treasures” in my life my “ELIC” girls are all on the list. 


Over the years the ladies I worked with became more than “co-workers” most have become great friends.  I hardly know where to start when I think about my “girls”. . . Leanne, Lisa, Hannah, Liz,  and Janell. . . that’s just getting started really. 

Me, Janell & Hannah (Do we look like sister?)

Me, Janell & Hannah (Do we look like sister?)



Lisa P., Liz & I (we're celebrating Janell's upcoming wedding)

Lisa P., Liz & I (we



Leanne, Janell & I with Catherine in the back. . .ALL such wonderful ladies

Leanne, Janell & I with Catherine in the back. . .ALL such wonderful ladies

Leanne, Lisa and I found ourselves propelled into a leadership positions at the same time, on the same day really.  So together we stumbled through learning and writing our own rules for the “new” responsibilities that had been given us.  The first year (or so) of our Management Roles we shared a TINY office, on any given day, five times a day we’d turn our chairs and roll to the center of the room and reminder ourselves “It’s not about me”. . . “You can do it” . . and provide listening ears as we muddled through.  Our fearless leader Matt shared a quote with us that year


“At bottom, becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself.  It is precisely that simple and also that difficult.” (Warren Bennis)


It is with those two ladies that I really started learning what it was to be a leader and who I really am (the good, the bad and the ugly).  And I saw the depth of character they each possed.  Leanne’s steadfast faith, poets soul, and heart of grace.  Lisa P’s attention to detail, love of literature, greek,  and her determined and strong work ethic.


Leanne, Janelland I during those years learned the spiritual discipline of “Lectio Divina” (Sacred Reading) and Contemplative Prayer together.  Our guide was “Song of the Seed”.  What a truly LIFE-CHANGING book and time with those ladies.  


Liz, Hannah and I ended up doing the same graduate program, around the same time.  We took classes together, wrote papers together and dove headfirst into the academic side of leadership.  Hannah is one of the kindest, funniest, genuine nice people through and though, I honestly don’t think I’ve heard her say anything unkind about anyone, ever.  One thing I love about Hannah is the way she delights in her one-of-a-kind husband (and I mean that in the best way, I’m a huge Micah fan too!).  They adore each other and it’s always a delight to be with them, they truly bring out the best in each other, and it’s great to be around those kind of people.  


I love Liz’s fresh voice and perspective on things.  She is an “old-soul” in a young, hip body.


I could go on and on about these amazing women. . and others too that touched my life during (and after) my time at ELIC.  It’s humbling to reflect on the quality of friends I’ve had in my life, so blessed.


2 thoughts on “More Treasures. .

  1. Ahh, Amy! What an honor to be one of your “treasures”! You are certainly one of mine! I have been so blessed to be a fellow pilgrim with you on so many journeys. I cherish you, Friend!

  2. I was about to ask why I’m not on your list of “Treasure”… but was delighted by my shout out under the ‘Hannah’ subheader. We adore you too. Remember that fateful night of our first meeting… at 317 Mountain View, when you stopped by to drop off gifts for your China students that Mark was going to take back for you on one of his ELIC marketing trips. Wow! Exactly 8 years ago.

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