It’s November 3rd, the day before one of “the most important presidential elections of our time” . . and I’m not going to be voting.  How bummed am I?!  It’s not for lack of trying.  Knowing that we were going to be moving around the time of the election I requested my absentee ballot the dayI recieved my California Voters guide.  I waited, and waited and waited for my ballot.  It didn’t come.  Then my mail started getting forwarded (due to our home buyers request, not ours. . or so it seemed), so then I told myself my ballot would be waiting for me here in Idaho.  It wasn’t. 

 It hasn’t come.  Then for a brief time I eased my fears thinking that Idaho registers voters at the polls. . .great, I’ll register on the day of voting here. . . only to find that one must have lived in the state for thirty days prior to voting. . . somehow I’m sure the 23 years that I’ve lived here aren’t going to help me now. . .

So, I can’t figure out, short of flying back to California tomorrow (not really realistic)how to vote. 

It’s the biggest, most historic election of our time.  I’m not voting.  I think I’ll vote my CA ballot when it comes, just to make me feel better.


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