Observing the Culture. . .

Yesterday at the grocery store I had one of those moments like you see on TV or in the movies. . .that moment where the actor looks around and suddenly notices something similar, or amiss, or peculiar everywhere.  . .

Or maybe it was one of those moments where you walk into a room and you realize you missed the memo that said it was a costume party, or formal, or informal. . .

Yesterday was “game day” in Boise.  Which apparently means Bronco Blue and Orange attire is required.  Everyone (it seemed) was wearing Blue and Orange, “This is my Game Day Shirt” was popular.  I looked down and my plain jeans and black hoodie sweatshirt and felt like I missed the memo or under-dressed for the party. . .

I’d better get use to it becaue blue and orange just aren’t my colors!!


2 thoughts on “Observing the Culture. . .

  1. So you didn’t know you were moving to a football crazed community ;o) GO BRONCOS!! Monkey boy will look adorable in the blue and orange…..hugs, nana

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