Step By Step. . .


Our little guy has been taking his first unassisted steps.  (Where did my little baby go?) It’s caused me to do some reflection on steps and walking.  The first night after he had taken a number of steps (like four in a row!) I rocked him to sleep and found myself praying for all the steps his life will hold.  For really, steps will define and shape his life. 

He will walk into grand adventures, building forts in the dry creek behind our home. . .

and maybe going on safari in Kenya, or climbing a mountain or a walk-about in Europe. 

His steps will lead him into trouble and challenges too. (which I shudder to think about!) 


There is always that one last step that ends us up where we end up.  That final step from the airport to the airplane for a year of adventures and growth in China or Timbuktu.  That last step into a car with friends on a misadventure that ends in trouble.  Right now my little boy’s steps are filled and characterized by pauses.  There is a long pause when he starts, while he gains his balance and gets his orientation.  I hope that while not physically, but spiritually and mentally, there will always be that pause in his steps.  A moment of wise and careful reflection before that next step.  (a mommy can hope right?)


As I watch him learn to walk, I see all of the many components that make up taking a single step.  There is balance, direction, confidence, strength.  When we get good at walking (or taking steps) we forget about all that we must do.  While my little boy is little and learning. . I pray that with each and every step he takes in life that balance. . that understanding of what and how much he can handle will always be in his view.  That his direction will be one that honors God and himself. That he will always have a right view and understanding of who he is and that surveyed confidence (not cockiness) will lead. And that his strength (or better yet reliance on God’s strenght) will sustain him in all the adventures and challenges he faces.


Suddenly that Rich Mullins song I have always loved has more meaning.


“. . . Step by Step you’ll lead me. . .

And I will follow you all of my days. .


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