Worth-The-Wait Chocolate Chip Cookies. . . Really

img_2527img_2530I LOVE a good chocolate chip cookie.  I’ve hardly met one I don’t like.  This is hands down my favorite, I will probably stop looking for or trying anything else. . it’s perfection.  I know it’s good because Todd, who isn’t really into sweets. . was caught on more than one occasion eating one from the freezer.  It has some rather odd twists, but go with it and you won’t be sad. . .

And bonus is little one year olds who can walk. . love the chocolate chip bags to play with!! (as demonstrated in the photo above.  The first photo is to convince you to make your own batch, you know you want too!!)

Let me know how they turn out. (P.S. I wasn’t able to find the BIG chips, but I did find the Giardelli chips in the brown bag.  I used cake flour, I don’t know if it matters, but I followed the recipe as written. . even down to the salt, and that step should NOT be skipped. trust me!)

Follow this link to find your new favorite cookie (and other fun stuff too!)


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