Lessons From Dr. Drew

I’m not sure how we got into, “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew”. . but Todd and I are total fans.  We Tivo it and watch it every week.  Hollywood and Rehab are totally not my “scenes”, but this show is a really interesting and thought provoking look at the power of addiction, the power of words, and the power of listening.

Celebrity Rehab, for those of you who may not be in the “know” is a documentary of 30 days of detox and rehab.  The “stars” of the show are, well, “C list celebrities” (IE: people I’ve never heard of, singers, past contestants on American Idol, models, child-hood stars etc.) Regardless, they found some measure of fame and all the trappings that go with it, including lots of money and access to alcohol and drugs.   Dr. Drew I guess is famous for his call-in “love advice” show on the radio?  (again, I’m so out of everything).  Dr. Drew is the real deal though.  He’s quality. 

The world of addiction is far from my frame of reference.  But, I know that it’s a reality for so many (famous of not) that I feel like it’s good to get an understanding of what addiction is and what a powerful hold it can claim on it’s victims. (This is my excuse and justification for watching. . . . but I think it’s good! 🙂

Todd and I were catching up on a couple of episodes last night and it hit me, the power of the 12 step process, and the whole “rehab” experience for these people are the counselors (including Dr. Drew) who listen so actively and completely to whatever the patient may be saying.  They take everything seriously, but not too seriously.   Dr. Drew demonstrates (to me anyway) the power of being present with people.   He is constantly validating how people are feeling, even if their feelings about a situation/person etc. might be wrong or misguided he always allows them the dignity of their perspective AND he requires they give his feelings, thoughts, the same dignity and respect.   It’s such a great example of good communication.  

Thursdays on VH1, check it out! (Next week Dr. Drew has to talk “Shifty” (some wrapper  (I think it’s rapper. . just to show how clueless I really am!!) dude) off the roof!! (There is a bit of drama mixed in with the excellent example of communication and listening, they do have to get ratings. . . 🙂


AND. . as I re-read what I just wrote, isn’t a good listener the medicine that we all need, addicted or not? 


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