A few weeks ago I realized that I’d lost a ring of mine.  Earlier in the day I had noticed it was really loose (it was a cold day).   I knew I had it in the car on my way home from being out so I knew that it was somewhere in my house, I thought it was in the car, but I kept forgetting to look.  

Fast forward to yesterday. . . as I was getting ready in the morning I thought about that ring, I hadn’t thought of it, but I knew I needed to look for it. . . and I didn’t, I forgot (that happens with a Toddler!)  So later that day I was throwing away an empty box of crackers,  as I reached in to get the last cracker I opened my hand and. . . you’ll never believe it, IN my hand, from the bottom of the cracker box, was the ring!! 


How weird is that??




One thought on “Weird.

  1. Randy bought me a ring after Casey was born which I promptly lost when we went out to eat after leaving the hospital. Not knowing where specifically I lost it my wonderful MIL took every trash bag from the restaurant home with us to search through and lo and behold she found it in a wadded up paper towel. It had slipped off my finger while I was drying my hands.

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