Thinking Local

Over the past year Todd and I have become more aware of  “buying local”.   Some might say that we watch too many documentaries.  There were two that had a major impact over the past year:

  • King of Corn.  In this film two recent college grads go to Iowa and rent one acre of farm-land and grow corn.  They follow their one acre of corn for a whole year, it’s pretty astounding to see the results.  The second one 
  • The Real Dirt on Farmer John is about a very excentric farmer in Illinois who started a wildly successful CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  

From these two documentaries we got turned onto Michael Pollan.   One presentations of Pollan’s we both listened to (see i-tunes and Michael Pollan to find and listen yourself) made the point that with every food choice we make we are casting a vote for food.  So when we choose local, perhaps organic, we are “voting” for less carbon, less pesticides, and support of the local economy.  I think about that every time I go to the grocery store.  How is the way I shop reflecting what I value?  Careful about asking this question, because it will change the way you shop, and eat! (well it has, and is, for us!)

So as 2009 begins we are working to make as many local decision as we can about the food we eat.  I started in the produce section several months ago.   You know those little stickers on fruit.  I actually read them.  I’ve given up buying Apples from Chili, or Oranges from South America.  Apples is most painful!  I LOVE  apples.  But,  I’ve found that apples in season are better than ones out of season and local grown organic  apples have a lot more flavor.  

We’ve actually found it much easier to buy local with our move to Idaho.  We joined our local food Co-Op, which sells almost all organic, natural and local products.  We also joined our local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  Starting in April or May we’ll get a share of the food (veggies and fruit) grown, literally out our back door.  We can’t wait!  

Over the next few weeks I plan to share a bit more about some of the things we’ve found on our journey of being informed and thoughtful  food consumers.   Stay tuned!



What better reason to buy local apples?

What better reason to buy local apples?


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