Friday, Friday

One blogger I read does something she calls “7 Quick Takes” every Friday.  I’ll try that to revive my blogging . . . 


1.  I  have been fascinated the last couple of days by Bernie Madoff.  What a story. How does something like that happen?  It just seems like such a powerful example of greed gone made.  I feel for the investors who lost everything in some cases.  And for the man himself. . .how does something like that start, how did he live with himself. . what did he tell himself .  . what about his family. .. what does a man who is 70 years old looking at 150 years in jail do?  

2. We went to the park yesterday.  One of the fun things about our neighborhood is there are parks hidden all over.  A few weeks ago we found one up the hill from our house, that is surrounded by a white picket fence and TWO slides just the perfect size for little boys.  Yesterday as we arrived there were two other mothers of little boys playing, and soon after another mother of boys arrived.  There were a couple of girls in tow, but it seemed like they were only along for the ride.  Our little guy loved, LOVED all the action.  The dog was a source of much glee.  The little guy a few months older than him who was digging in the dirt was a point of much curiosity. . . I could see his little brain working, “you mean you can DIG in the dirt?  I never thought of that.. . hmm” and when the bigger boys arrived with their bursting energy and began chasing the dog around the park Reid could hardly STAND it. . I was glad the bigger boys were somewhat watching out for my little guy because he for sure thought he needed to be in the middle of that action. . I feel like now that spring is starting to spring I’ll be meeting a lot more boy mama’s . . it seems little guys “need” to be outside.   The two mama’s of two little guys each said, “We spend EVERY afternoon in one of the parks”. 🙂

3. I realized I have very few pictures of me and my little guy. . . Todd snapped one before church a few weeks ago. . . .

Me and my buddy. . .

Me and my buddy. . .


4.  I started “Stroller Strides”.  It’s an exercise class for mama’s and their stroller tots.  It’s been so much fun (and such a good workout).  They meet every morning at the mall (until it’s above 40 in the morning, then they move outside to several different local parks). We can only make it two or three mornings a week.  I’m always glad to go.  It’s quite the site. . a stroller brigade of mama’s walking and then parking outside of different stores and doing some crazy exercise routine while singing nursery rhymes. . but hey, it works!

5. I finished last night, “Leaving Church” by Barbara Brown Taylor.  An excellent book.  I love, love, love to read a good writer, and she is!  I finished it last night, and ordered it this morning.  The one I read is a library book and as I sat down to write down a few of my favorite passages I realized that I would be coping the entire book. . . As a collector of words and good thoughts, it’s just a book that I “need” in my library.  

6. Farm Fresh Eggs are the best ever.  We joined a food co-op that delivers farm grown food to Boise every other week.  I order eggs raised on the high mountain prairie that I grew up on, and the eggs have taste! delicious!!

7. Reid has this growing habit, that I try and encourage, and find slightly mysterious at the same time (mysterious because I’m not naturally given to this. . Todd on the other hand is. . so he gets this from his daddy) . . he puts things away when he is done (not everything mind you. . but when he comes in from outside. . he’ll take his hat off and walk over the drawer that we keep it in and try and put it in, he has a nice collection of rubber duckys (Thanks Great Auntie A) that are his playmates in the bath.  I know when he is done because he carefully lines them up on the rim of the tub.) We put shoes in a basket by the door. . sometimes he even takes his shoes off and puts them in the basket. . .now if he would only start doing that with all his toys!!


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