Friday Quick Takes. . .

*  Spring is in the air.  There are many great things about living in So. Cal. . . . the nice weather all year comes to mind.  Yet, I always missed the change of seasons.  It’s been great fun this year to watch spring slowly come.   The delight in seeing bright yellow and purple crocus spring up in small patches is amazing.  Small signs of hope.  Another thing I love is hearing the birds come back.  The call of a red-wing blackbird signals spring to me, and we live in a place where the birds love to come.  

*Yesterday Nana, Papa, Reid and I went to a Nature Center.  We had such a great time.  We found windows to watch fish (Reid told them all “Hi”). . at one point we went up a small rise to a creek and came face to face with a Blue Heron.  There were Canadian Geese flying over and one on a little creek bed below the walk way.  At one point Reid bend down with his hands on his knees to peer through the walk-way rails at a water-fall.   The Nature Center opens into a park (That my brother and I use to play at when we were little, it was a short walk from our Nana & Bampys house.  Reid LOVED the slide. He went down one that we all thought was awfully tall, but he took it on and LOVED it. . Leaving the park we found a squirrel sitting in the crook of a tree munching on a taco chip. . .Reid loved it all. 

* I’ve been thinking the past few days about “Group Think” and how it plays into so much of all we do.  I am reading a book about organizational transformation and they author said one of the signs of a healthy organization is their ability to acknowledge and authentic about “group think” that happens in their organization.  It made me think about the Church and how much “group think” happens there (quite a lot I think) 

* Little boys love “outside”. . or my little boy loves outside.  We were outside before 9:00 this morning, he would go outside at 6:30 when he wakes up, in his pajamas if I would let him!! All this outside makes me glad I invested in an iTouch. .. I can check my e-mail, do a yoga video, play solitaire or any of three other games I find highly addictive while Reid is “outside”. . . The yoga is a bit hard, I have to admit. . . just when I get into a pose, Reid comes and wants to show me something, try it himself, or run off with my iTouch.   Still it keeps me entertained while he is “outside”. 

* I’ve been loving Facebook.  In the past few weeks I’ve connect with a number of high school friends.  There were only 13 people in my class, several of us started kindergartern together and graduated together.   We were friends whether we wanted to be or not, there is an attachment that we had.  It’s been so much fun to find people and see where life has taken them!


* I hope when he’s older, he won’t mind this bath picture.  What a cutie!!


Mr. Handsome

Mr. Handsome


* Jello-pudding finger painting. . . not so much of a hit. . 


Get this stuff OFF my hands!!

Get this stuff OFF my hands!!


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