Bad Coffee Shop Behavior

Yesterday I went to a local coffee shop to work on a project.  As I got out of my car I noticed an older lady getting out of her car too,  you know how you can just tell that you are in a race with a person?  She was racing me to get in the door and get the “good chairs”, little did she know that I had my computer and didn’t want the “good chairs”.  I did have a flash of “petulance” run through me and thought, “maybe I will sit in the chairs”. . just to annoy her.  It was so obvious what she wanted and the vibes she was sending me NOT to sit there.  

I didn’t sit on the “good chairs”.  She got her chairs.  All was well. . . 

UNTIL a young woman came in to study her nursing.  The nurse got her coffee saw four empty “good chairs” around where the lady was sitting and took one.  I could see it all from my table.  The Bad Behavior Lady started to bristle.  Everything about BBL was seething that this young woman would dare to sit in her chairs.  Mind you, BBL hadn’t made an effort to save any chairs, and she wasn’t saying, “you know, I am waiting for a friend”. . she was just silently boiling.   (So much fun to watch the whole thing develop, it was fascinating!) So the nurse got herself settled, in a chair across from the lady and was just cracking open her book with BBL’s friend walked in.  “I TRIED to save a chair” she loudly announced to her friend and STORMED off across the coffee shop.  The nurse was stunned (she hadn’t noticed BBL body language)

It was Bad Coffee Shop Behavior if I have ever seen it.  BBL could have saved a good chair by putting a section of the newspaper down, she could have politely said something to the nurse. . .not talking and acting like a five-year old was probably not the best option. 


Isn’t people watching fun??


3 thoughts on “Bad Coffee Shop Behavior

    and i really DO love to people watch!
    just last week i spent oodles of time in the denver airport… talk about people watching! it was interesting to see people get irritated over things (cancelled flights) that they obviously couldn’t control!!!
    keep up the good posts! ;o)

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