AHHHH. . .

Yesterday I had a list of errands that needed doing.  After Reid’s nap we loaded up and headed to Target. Reid is a good guy.  He’s really laid back and go with the flow. . usually.   In the Target parking lot I tried to put him in the shopping cart.  “No! No!” . . No big deal. . I thought, I’ll just put him in the cart once we get inside.  

Standing over the cart he held his legs STRAIGHT and WOULD NOT BEND them. . all while yelling “NO! No! No!”

I have a strict policy that in a battle of wills with a sixteen month old, I always win.  Finally I got him in the cart. . met with tears and screeches.  I thought. . . “once we get moving, he’ll get interested in looking around and we’ll be fine. . . ”  

What I didn’t anticipate was the looks, glares, and raised eye-brows from other shoppers.  That about did me in.  

SOOOOO, I did what every responsible mother would do. . . I headed straight for the baby-food aisle.  He loves little yogurt snacks.  I thought, I’m taking them off the shelf, opening them up and letting him have at it.  I’ll pay for them when we are done.  (something I never thought that I would do!!)

Worked like a charm. . . 

Only thing is, my nerves were so fried that I we have to go back today so I can get all the things I forgot on my list!!!




2 thoughts on “AHHHH. . .

  1. and so it begins…Katey definitely woke up a different girl than when she went to bed the day she turned 2 and I anticipate some battles ahead. She doesn’t like the car anymore either. Everything is “myself.”

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