I started a garden this week.  I know almost nothing about gardens.

* Gardens grow in dirt.

* One needs seeds to plant in said dirt.

* Water is important.

That about captures what I know.  So, starting small, I mean REALLY small.  I have a 48×48 INCH garden plot in my back yard.  I figure since Reid and I are going to spend A LOT of time “outside” this summer, I might as well create a fun and pleasant yard for us to play in. 

SOO. . we turned over all the dirt, added some “Garden Soil-Good for Vegetables”, put up a small fence (to keep wandering little boys OUT), and planted a row of carrots, radishes, lettuce & beans, oh and I have a couple of pea plants, a tomato plant and two strawberry plants (the peas, tomato and strawberry are outside of my SMALL garden.)  

Since I have NO IDEA what I am doing, I thought I would just start.  Start small, and see what happens.  . . 


This is it!!

This is it!!


Reid with his "gardening" hat on!  Lots of good sun protection!

Reid with his "gardening" hat on! Lots of good sun protection!


2 thoughts on “Gardening?

  1. …you also must know that SUN is a requirement ’cause the seeds are in a nice sunny spot and Reid has a grand gardening hat and sun screen ;o) We’ll keep reading for progress reports! xoxoxo

  2. I also heard that you have to “talk” to your plants to make them grow…..also LOVE!! ;o)

    ….smoochies….Auntie A

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