Travel Tales with a Toddler

We took an airplane ride last week.

All went well until we got caught up in a summer lightening storm, which closed the Las Vegas airport, right around the time we were taking off. . delaying our flight in.  We thought that our connecting flight would be delayed too.  Imagine our suprise to find they had sent the plane off without us.  The airline did apologize, but said “they made us do it” (They being the airport, FAA. . who knows).  After several hours of gate hoping, trying to get on standby flights to other airports. . we FINALLY got on a later flight home.  We got the LAST TWO seats on the plane, right before it took off.  So we took what we could get.

Reid, on my lap, in the middle of seat, by two nice ladies WASN’T thinking it was fun to sit.  After we reached “crusing altitude” I demanded Todd switch seats (I had sat in the first row, with no tray table. . BIG deal to an 18 month old little guy!) Happily in our new seat, with a tray table all was well. . until Reid asked for water.  I pulled out his sippy cup with a straw, completely forgetting what I learned on the earlier fights that this cup gets pressurized in the airplane and squirts out water. . . before it had been minor, this time, with frazzled nerves, tired, cooped up boy the cup EXPLODED into a virtual fountain of water. . to my surprise, Reid’s surprise and the great surprise of the nice man trying to read a book next to us.

Reid starts crying from the blast of water in his face. .

I start apologizing profusely to the man who’s book is slightly damp. . .

It was a nightmare!  Reid though, being the friendly guy that he is wasn’t deterred at all, a few minutes later he sat back on my lap, turned to the big guy on the other side watching a movie and said, “Hi Buddy!”. . .

As the flight landed and everyone was getting off Reid (having got such a good reaction from his previous exploits of greeting people) waved and said “Bye Buddy” “Bye Buddy” “Bye Bye Buddy” to the whole airplane as they walked past him. . . . .

Turns out traveling with a toddle does have it’s moments of delight.


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